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Huatulco…at the forefront of sustainable tourism

Huatulco, with the help of government agencies and committed citizens, has not only implemented measures for the protection of the ecology, but has also implemented programs that identify and recognize Huatulco as one of the most advanced tourist destinations on an international level with regards to the protection of its environment.

Here are just some of the achievements in the area:

1998 – The Mexican Government declares an area of more than 11,800 hectares a protected natural area, known as Huatulco National Park.

2004 – Equipo Verde Huatulco (Green Team Huatulco) is established; coordinated by representatives from a variety of social, economic, cultural, academic and governmental sectors. It implements actions and programs in order to position Huatulco as a leading sustainable tourism community in Mexico and the world.

2004 – Huatulco adopts the EarthCheck Program for Environmental Administration, with an aim to obtain the international Green Globe certification, a methodology created for the evaluation and certification of sustainability for the tourism and travel industry.

2005 – Huatulco receives the international Green Globe certification, being the first and only tourism destination in the America’s to achieve this honor.

2009 – For the 5th consecutive year, Huatulco obtains the EarthCheck certification and, for the first time, masters the “Silver” distinction, for going significantly beyond “best practice” levels.

2010 – Chahué Beach is awarded the “Playa Limpia” (Clean Beach) certification by the Federal Attorney for the Protection of the Environment – PROFEPA, the first beach certified in the State of Oaxaca.

2010 – Huatulco’s environmental footprint was determined, taking into account all economic, tourist, travel and supply activities of the destination. A proposal is presented to neutralize carbon emissions, applying a voluntary green bonus program with an aim to become the first tourism destination in the America’s, and maybe the world, to be completely carbon neutral.

2011 – Huatulco receives the EarthCheck Gold Certification for having complied, in its entirety, with the necessary processes and having obtained very favorable results.

As a result of these “green” efforts, Huatulco is proud to boast that 100% of our electricity is clean, coming from a nearby wind electricity plant. Additionally, as result of low levels of fossil energy use, the energy emissions indicator in Huatulco is placed at 61% above best practice. Waste generation is also well below the national and global average, and weighs in at 7% above best practice. Furthermore, our Water Savings rating is almost 4 points better than Best Practice, as 95% of the water used is recycled or captured from rainfall…and modern water & sewage treatment ensures no waste enters the ocean.