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The charming town of La Crucecita

9About a mile inland from Santa Cruz, and just a brief taxi ride, you will find La Crucecita, commonly thought of as Huatulco’s downtown. La Crucecita, meaning “the little cross”, offers a central plaza, called el zócalo, with a manicured park filled with large trees and a central kiosk where people enjoy lounging about on benches. You can explore the central market, enjoy a bite to eat, relax at a sidewalk café, and browse in local shops. You’ll also find banks, buses & taxis, and internet spots here.

The Church of Huatulco: La Virgen de Guadalupe
The main church in La Crucecita is a must-see for catholics and especially for those who want to pay their respects to the Virgen Of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexico. According to local legend this small church features the largest painting in the world, dedicated to her. It was painted by the Mexican artist Jose del Signo…word has it that the painting has even been nominated for the Guinness Book of World Records because of its size.

Restaurants of Huatulco
There is a variety of great food options available in a variety of prices, from sidewalk taco stands and traditional Oaxacan cuisine, to Italian pastas, Argentinian-style grilled steaks, Japanese sushi, French fusion, even Austrian and Thai food! There are several restaurants to be found around the main square of La Crucecita offering national & international dishes and cold beverages. And be sure to stop at one of the few Mezcal tasting shops for a sample of Oaxaca’s official drink! And if you don’t like mezcal the first time, don’t give up! It’s an acquired taste, meant to be sipped like aged scotch…
Shopping in La Crucecita
If you like to shop, there many little stores to browse through around the main town square and in the side-streets surrounding, including the main market (mercado). You will find several silversmiths and, if you do not get the chance to go to the Central Valleys of Oaxaca, you can purchase colorful textiles and varied handcrafts that come from that region, including rugs, clothing, alebrijes, black pottery, and other local handcrafts. La Crucecita also boasts an indoor shopping mall and a movie theatre, called Cinemad – they even show movies in English!
Overall, La Crucecita is considered to be the heart of Huatulco and it pulses at all hours of the day…even late at night you’ll witness lots of people & families milling about and enjoying the beautiful weather.

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